No matter what the size of your wedding is, we’ve got the right thing to help everyone look their best. Flowers set the mood for this special day. Every couple is unique and so should your floral needs. Brides simply carry flowers on the big day, because they are beautiful. And, it prevents that awkward “what-do-I-do-with-my-hands” feeling that typically results in a ton of fidgeting. Can you imagine walking down the aisle without a bouquet? Seriously, though … what would you do with your hands? This is THE day to carry a beautiful bouquet of flowers, the only day. Try running errands with a flower Crown and bouquet in your hand, never going to happen. 
During the initial consultation, we discuss your wedding theme, color scheme and location of event. But, also, your personal style, the dress you have picked out, and what your dream wedding will feel like is taken into consideration. Regardless, it’s your wedding so you’ll carry a bouquet if you want to (or not). The only reason that really matters is yours. It’s my responsibility to listen. “If you want a rabbit to jump out of your bouquet, LaBella Flowers will make that dream come true! Contact me, let’s get this started.
This is a sample of what we have created. Congratulations to all the Brides and Grooms who asked us to be a part of t heir day. May they be forever blessed!!!


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