It is often difficult for those mourning a death to put feelings into words. Flowers are a visual expression of love, sympathy, and respect. They are the means of lending support and sharing the burden of grief. Flowers create a background of warmth adding to the dignity and consolation of the funeral service. They soften the blow of depression of the “memory picture”.

Flowers do not wither and die in the mind of the bereaved. They are recalled time and again as indelible memories.

The Funeral service is for the living because it enables family and friends to gather and express their feelings. It is a time to pay tribute, reflect on life’s journeys, gain strength from others and begin to accept the many changes that come from the loss.

Attending a funeral is comforting, reassuring and a testament that a life has been well lived. You are contributing to a fellowship of support. Flowers bring comfort to survivors and attending family and friends. They soften the visual memories and yet are a statement of a true tribute.

Flowers help both the living and the dead. They are sent to the living as comfort and they are sent as tokens of respect for the deceased. Please call and let us help (315) 525-0888

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